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Sage One India Growth Fund

LC Beacon Global Fund

LC Core Opportunities Fund

Trinity House Real Estate Fund

LCV Trade Finance Fund

This is a long only Indian equities fund. We work with Sage One Investment Advisors’ team in India who has an exceptionally strong long-term track record. The fund invests in high quality and highly profitable growth businesses. It is suitable for investors seeking high compounding over time with a willingness to embrace equity and currency volatility.

This is a fund that focuses on generating steady bond-like returns whilst protecting capital from any significant drawdowns. The fund invests in highly liquid underlying markets and generates such returns by focusing on arbitrage strategies, accrual income and measured directly bets with clear stop losses. With low volatility, minimal correlation to equities and a focus on capital protection it aims to provide an alternative to cash and money market funds.

This is a closed ended real estate private equity fund that was set up to acquire pharma research labs in Genome Valley near Hyderabad in India. We acquired the assets at attractive discount to market values resulting in double digit rental yield from stable long term tenants.

This is a closed ended, UK commercial real estate focused fund with the objective of delivering stable dividend yield through the property rental income and achieving capital appreciation through asset enhancement and/or management initiatives. The Fund acquires commercial properties in the UK with the objective of achieving geared total return in double digits at the Fund level. In this Fund we work closely with Trinity House Advisor who have multiple years of experience in picking quality asset in the UK and Europe.

The Fund aims to allow investors to diversify their fixed income portfolios. It is an open-ended Fund that invests in Trade finance facilities for SMEs doing business with Singapore Government-Linked Entities (‘GLEs’) and good-quality corporates, with an insurance coverage on up to 60-80% of the underlying portfolio. These Trade finance facilities originate through the Facilitator, i.e. Validus’ peer-to-business lending platform. Validus is a portfolio company of Temasek Holdings’ Vertex Ventures that provides an online aggregator platform for SMEs to secure short and medium term financing. Validus offers access to financing from individual and institutional lenders as a peer-to-business lending marketplace. The management team at Validus has over 200 years of cumulative experience in financial services and experience liaising with SMEs.

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