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LC Supply Chain Credit Fund

An effective alternative strategy to fixed income

about LC supply chain credit

Providing short-term financing facilities to mid-market corporate entities, Small-to-Medium Enterprises and other corporates that expect to earn significant revenue from developed markets. The objective is to generate competitive risk-adjusted returns with low correlation to traditional markets and asset classes.

12 months

Max Tenor

>60% Exposure

To Developed Markets

ESG Incorporation

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What we do

SageOne India Growth Fund

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What we do

SageOne India Growth Fund

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Facility Structures

Receivables backed financing structures Short term financing secured against receivables of the Borrower from high quality corporate customers.

Bridge Financing Facilities
Secured short term facilities for corporates with a short term liquidity needs with clear visibility of cash flows for repayment of the facility.


Reasons to Invest in this Fund

Seeks to deliver an attractive level of income and capital appreciation while maintaining a relatively low risk profile.

Has low duration risk due to the short-term nature of the loans resulting in low sensitivity to interest rates and spread changes.

Has a diversified portfolio through direct exposure to corporates across sectors, with secured facilities or an insurance cover serving as a credit enhancement to the portfolio.

Provides supply chain credit to Asian mid-market and growth corporates.


Working Capital Gaps in Asia's Growth Story

Addressing the Working Capital Gap

As Asia grows at a rapid pace, there is a proportional increase in demand for equity & debt capital from corporates

Global trade finance gap estimates increased to US$ 1.7tn in 2020, up from US$ 1.5tn in 2018

Under-financed cross-border flows of mid-sized Asian exporters to Western markets due to challenges with traditional sources of financing

Technology developments are starting to enable faster and more scalable deployment of credit increasing the pace of lenders addressing the working capital gap


Sanket Sinha

Portfolio Manager

Sanket has over 10 years of experience during which heco-founded a fintech venture, WealthPack (later acquired by Edelweiss), whichwas a personal finance application aggregating customer’s accounts in realtime. Before that, he was a founding employee and Head of Portfolio and Creditat X10 Financial Services, a Non-Banking Financial Company (NBFC) whichprovided supply chain financing to SMEs in India.

Ankit Agrawal

Portfolio Manager

Ankit has over 11 years of experience focused on investments across the capital stack (private equity, long term and structured debt). Prior to joining Lighthouse Canton, Ankit has led and managed equity and debt investments in his roles with the International Finance Corporation (IFC), GIC, and the Piramal Group. He has overseen portfolios and transactions of over US$500mn in various sectors including manufacturing, agribusiness, hospitality, logistics, real estate, healthcare and more.

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