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LC GenInnov Global Innovation Fund*

A long-only, innovation focused, thematically diversified fund

about LC GenInnov global innovation fund

A long-only global all-sector fund which seeks to invest in around 30 - 40 companies poised for growth in the GenAI era. Focusing on diversification, profitability and valuation, the Fund seeks to balance innovative investments with financial stability, providing a strategic avenue for investors to leverage GenAI-driven market opportunities.

*The registered incorporated name of the Fund is GenInnov Funds Limited

What we do

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Our Approach

The Fund’s investment philosophy melds traditional rigor with contemporary strategies for superior portfolio performance. We advocate for diversification—both sectoral and geographical—to mitigate regulatory risks, prioritizing investments in profitable, large-scale companies and exercising caution with smaller entities or those pursuing loss-led growth. The valuation-focused approach, which accounts for growth premiums, crafts a portfolio balanced by diversification factors like momentum/contrarian and growth/value. This strategy honors proven investment principles while adapting to the volatility of current markets, targeting sustainable growth and resilience for our investors.

Focus Themes for The Fund

WHY This fund?

Why this fund

Active Investment Strategies
The rapid, disruptive pace of innovation warrants an active strategy. Passive strategies work best in a stable, growth environment.

Investments Beyond Tech Sector

Real beneficiaries of GenAI advancements will be found in application areas beyond the tech sector, rather than in the initial creation of AI technologies.

Looking Past Venture Strategies

Venture investments typically thrive in environments where copiability is low and the likelihood of success is reasonably high.

Enhanced Global Investment Footprint

Numerous factors contribute to the enhanced global progression of many innovations

Leveraging Private Innovation Investments

Private innovation investments have the potential to leverage a single ground-breaking idea into a network effect, creating an impact that dominates over multiple periods.

Departure from the ‘Spray and Pray’ Approach

Compounders are selected based on fundamental investment principles, in a long-term growth theme like innovation.


Nilesh Jasani

Portfolio Manager, LC GenInnov Global Innovation Fund

Nilesh is an esteemed equity research professional with extensive experience in global markets and emerging technologies. With expertise in business and macro trends, as well as cross-market valuations, he has led teams across Asia's technology hubs and built a substantial network in Silicon Valley. Renowned for being an authoritative voice in GenAI development, Nilesh excels in connecting with a diverse range of individuals across business, politics, technology, science, and beyond.

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