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We source opportunities with attractive risk-reward ratios through rigorous fundamental and quantitative analysis supported by robust risk management frameworks. Our actively managed solutions range from growth allocations addressing aggressive return targets and seeking emerging markets exposure to conservative allocations addressing low volatility and high liquidity requirements.
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SageOne India Growth Fund

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What we do

SageOne India Growth Fund

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Indian Equities

Invests in high quality structural growth businesses

An India dedicated long-only equities open-ended fund which invests in high quality growth companies in the small and mid-cap space across multiple sectors with a focus on long-term wealth creation for clients.


Invests in companies with high structural growth, high profitability and quality management.

Focuses primarily on small & mid-cap companies listed on the Indian exchanges, with majority of the portfolio in the US$250mn to US$4bn market cap range.

Holds a high conviction portfolio of between 12-20 high growth stocks across multiple sectors.

Implements a Buy & Hold discipline based on a multi-year view, with a low turnover.

Advised by a reputed India-based advisory team led by a seasoned Portfolio Manager in India with a proven 10-year track record.


Samit Vartak

Founder & CIO, SageOne Investment Managers

Samit Vartak is the Founding Partner and Chief Investment Officer ofSageOne Investment Managers LLP. Samit has been investing in theIndia equity markets since 1999 and has experienced and analysedmany bull and bear cycles over the last two decades.

Global Macro

Global macro with relative value & arbitrage approach

An open-ended global macro fund that uses a dual strategy model to generate steady risk adjusted returns with low volatility and correlation to equity and bond markets.


Implements a dual-strategy approach through its:

  • Treasury Book: Active Treasury Management Solution (ATMS) to generate steady accrual & arbitrage income.
  • Trading Book: Income generated from the Treasury Book used as risk capital for traditional macro strategies.

Is suitable for capital preservation due to its low volatility and limited downside risk.

Has a low correlation to equity and bond market.

Managed by an experienced team with over 30 years of combined experience in fixed income & currency markets in global investment banks where they held market making and proprietary trading roles.


Sunil Kalra

Portfolio Manager, LC Beacon Global Fund

Over 20 years of experience in Fixed Income and Currency Markets. Experience spans across market making and proprietary trading roles with exposure to investment strategies for majority of classes of institutional investors.

Jignesh Desai

Co-Portfolio Manager, LC Beacon Global Fund

Over 15 years of experience in Fixed Income and Currency Markets. Experience in market making and proprietary roles in Foreign Exchange, local currency and hard currency bond trading.

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