Lighthouse Canton Asset Management

Our Asset Management business' goal is to offer a diversified array of strategies which deliver consistently strong risk-adjusted returns across different market cycles.

Strong Risk-Adjusted Returns for Investors & Growth Capital for Businesses

For Accredited Investors

Diversified investment strategies.

For SMEs & Corporate Clients

Meeting working capital and liquidity needs.

Innovative Investment Solutions

Strategy Selection

We place a lot of importance on selecting the right strategies – those that can be trusted by our clients to provide strong risk-adjusted returns that can stand the test of time through multiple market cycles.

With that in mind, we are diligent in our research on the market and industry trends. The managers we partner with are highly experienced with over a decade of investment experience each and have a clearly articulated strategy, disciplined approach to investment, strong risk management and most importantly, an investment philosophy that aligns with ours.

Strong Supporting Framework

Our fund managers are empowered by a robust infrastructure that includes competent Operations and Compliance teams, high quality trading facilities and connectivity to top tier counterparties.

We implement stringent corporate governance standards and risk management processes to ensure that client interests are protected. We ensure alignment of interests between Investors, Portfolio Managers and Principals of our firm through personal capital investment and design of fee structures.

Headline Figures

Funds Managed:


Investment Professionals:


Average Investment Team Experience:

20 years

Our Funds

SageOne India Growth Fund

India dedicated Long-Only Equities Fund

An open-ended Fund that offers an investment opportunity to a thriving emerging economy through businesses poised for strong, long-term growth.

  • Invests in companies with high structural growth, high profitability and quality management.
  • Focuses primarily on small & mid-cap companies listed on the Indian exchanges, with majority of the portfolio in the US$250mn to US$4bn market cap range.
  • Holds a high conviction portfolio of between 12-20 high growth stocks across multiple sectors.
  • Implements a Buy & Hold discipline based on a multi-year view, with a low turnover.
  • Advised by a reputed India-based advisory team led by a seasoned Portfolio Manager in India with a proven 10-year track record.

LC Beacon Global Fund

Global Macro Fund

An open-ended Fund that aims to offer steady returns with minimal downside primarily through its arbitrage and relative value strategies.

  • Implements a dual-strategy approach through its:
    • Treasury Book: Active Treasury Management Solution (ATMS) to generate steady accrual & arbitrage income.
    • Trading Book: Income generated from the Treasury Book used as risk capital for traditional macro strategies.
  • Is suitable for capital preservation due to its low volatility and limited downside risk.
  • Has a low correlation to equity and bond market.
  • Managed by an experienced team with over 30 years of combined experience in fixed income & currency markets in global investment banks where they held market making and proprietary trading roles.

LC Supply Chain Credit Fund

Supply Chain Finance Fund

An open-ended Fund that offers an effective alternative to fixed income. 

  • Provides supply chain credit to Asian mid-market and growth corporates that expect to earn significant revenue from developed markets.
  • Has a diversified portfolio through direct exposure to investment grade corporates across geographies and sectors, with an insurance cover serving as a credit enhancement to the portfolio.
  • Seeks to deliver an attractive level of income and capital appreciation while maintaining a relatively low risk profile.
  • Has little or no duration risk due to the short term nature of the loans resulting in low sensitivity to interest rates and spread changes.

Canton RE 2 (Life Sciences Real Estate Investment Strategy)

A Real Estate Private Equity Investment SPV

In partnership with Ivanhoe Cambridge, real estate subsidiary of Canadian pension CDPQ, this SPV invests in life sciences real estate and owns the largest life sciences R&D real estate portfolio* in India.

  • Holds stable, attractive and rising yield assets with high potential IRRs.
  • Has low vacancy risks through long term leases to marquee global Multinational Corporations and large domestic Pharma companies with an escalation clause.
  • Has low sensitivity to economic cycles and high predictability of cash flows. 

*Largest privately owned life sciences R&D portfolio by area in India


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