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Introducing Lighthouse Canton 2.0

Shilpi Chowdhary
Group Chief Executive Officer

Dear members of our global community,

Thank you for being an integral part of Lighthouse Canton’s journey thus far. When we look
back at our humble beginnings in 2014, we take immense pride in the distance we have

Lighthouse Canton 1.0 was all about creating a sustainable global business. Our courage to
go beyond conventions and constantly explore new possibilities has seen us grow over the
years, and we have evolved as a team, culture, organization while navigating this ever-
changing global landscape.

We are now excited to invite you to join us as we evolve into Lighthouse Canton 2.0, and as
we celebrate the aspirations and growth of our customers and teams.

Lighthouse Canton 2.0 is about our renewed collective energy and the purpose central to our vision and mission.

Our new brand identity encapsulates our core vision of creating value through innovative
investment solutions and our mission to be the market leaders through people excellence,
investment acumen, and digital agility. Our bold and contemporary approach to business
reflects in our brand guidelines, including the logo, the color schemes, and the font types.
Our color scheme symbolizes trust and enduring commitment to clients and partners, and
the vibrant red represents the passionate energy we display while conducting our business.
The key in our logo embodies the spirit of delivering intelligent solutions combined with
delightful experiences.

I invite you to explore our new brand as much as possible, and please do send us your
feedback, comments & suggestions. It will help us improve & make our brand stronger.

Thank you for your continued support in these growing years of the firm. We look forward to
soaring to greater heights together and celebrating many more successes in the years to

- Shilpi Chowdhary, Group Chief Executive Officer, Lighthouse Canton

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