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02 May 2024 | Pradeep Gupta: Deciphering Current Market Trends and Anticipating Future Shifts

Pradeep Gupta
Executive Director and India Head of Investments

Pradeep Gupta, Executive Director and India Head of Investments at  Lighthouse Canton engaged in a candid interaction with Business Standard Online recently. 

Pradeep explores the potential disconnect between market valuations and the economic reality under the persisting 'higher for longer' interest rate scenario. He also sheds light on expected market corrections ahead of the Lok Sabha elections and offers insights for short-term investors to navigate this period. Further, he touches on the strong recovery of midcaps and small caps following SEBI's stress test, and contemplates the future of FII flows into Indian markets, particularly in the context of the Mauritius tax treaty revisions. Lastly, Pradeep contrasts the investment potential between Developed and Emerging Markets and between debt and equity options, providing a strategic perspective for the coming year.


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