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24 April 2024: Shilpi Chowdhary Shares His Views In a Discussion With CNBC Capital Markets

Shilpi Chowdhary, Group CEO of Lighthouse Canton, recently appeared on CNBC's Capital Connection where he shared his expert insights on a range of important themes, including the Fed’s outlook and promising opportunities in both private and public markets.


On the Fed’s outlook, Shilpi highlighted that given the strong economy and robust labor market, there appears to be little reason for imminent rate cuts, suggesting a focus on job data over inflation alone. In discussing investment strategies, Shilpi noted promising opportunities in both private and public markets. He emphasized a strategic overweight in medium-duration investment-grade bonds and pinpointed potential in sectors like semiconductors and healthcare, despite expecting increased volatility and near-term challenges in equities.

To view the interview, please check below -

Source: CNBC

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