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Event 20 June 2023: Lighthouse Canton at Maybank's Invest ASEAN 2023, Unlocking Opportunities: Private Credit Insights

We are pleased to extend an invitation to you to attend the Maybank Invest ASEAN 2023 event on Tuesday 20th June 2023.

Lighthouse Canton's expert portfolio managers, Sanyukta Desai,Portfolio Manager - LC Supply Chain Credit Fund and Ankit Agrawal,Portfolio Manager - Venture Debt Fund, will be speaking in a session titled "Unlocking Opportunities: Private Credit Insights" at 11:30am at the Alternatives Arcade taking place during the event.

Invest ASEAN 2023 is a premier regional event bringing together policymakers, fund managers, investors, allocators, high net worth individuals and corporates to explore the growth potential of the ASEAN economy. With insightful panel discussions and presentations, you'll gain valuable insights into the investment landscape and emerging opportunities.

Join Lighthouse Canton for an informative presentation that covers:

  • The rise of the private credit asset class in Asia
  • Advantage private credit funds can add to an investor's portfolio
  • How Lighthouse Canton investors across private credit such as short term debt and venture debt
  • Key considerations for investment across private credit
Sanyukta Desai
Director, Private Markets
Lighthouse Canton
Ankit Agrawal
Director, Portfolio Manager, LC Venture Debt Fund
Lighthouse Canton

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