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Hubbis: Lighthouse Canton Continues to Build its Offering Across Singapore, India and Dubai

(Hubbis, 21 March 2022) Prashant Tandon is Chief Executive Officer & Managing Director of Lighthouse Canton DIFC, the Dubai arm of Singapore-headquartered Lighthouse Canton. The firm’s two core activities centre on wealth and asset management services, and they now have a growing presence in Singapore, Dubai and India. On the asset management side, Lighthouse Canton invests on behalf of accredited investors, including private clients and some of the world’s largest institutional investors, such as pension funds, sovereign funds, and insurance companies, to drive economic and sustainable impact. And on the wealth management side, the firm provides services to corporates, family offices and U/HNWI. It aims to offer as broad a proposition as possible, from estate and succession planning to the creation of structures, through to investment advisory and client portfolio management. Hubbis had the opportunity to ‘meet’ with Prashant recently to hear of the firm’s progress and his key priorities ahead.

“At Lighthouse Canton we believe in creating value through innovative investments and delivering intelligent investment solutions with delightful experiences to our clients. We focus on providing Asset Management and Wealth Management services for a range of clients such as institutional investors, corporates, family offices, U/HNWI and even start-up founders and entrepreneurs.” Prashant reports.....

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