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After the US Federal reserve's November 2022 policy meet, its widely anticipated interest rate hikes and its press conference led to visbly more hawkish views and resulted in a sharp downturn of global asset prices. Latest data on US inflation however seem to point to a gradual cool off and acted as a breather to asset prices. But is it too early to celebrate?

Across asset prices, the impact of liquidity withdrawal is becoming increasingly evident, particularly on crypto currency assets.

China has also been on the tip of everyone's tongue - will it reopen or will its Zero Covid Policy remain and what will be the resultant impact on commodity prices and the USD index?

In India, equity markets continue to outperform global peers. India corporate earnings data released for 2QFY'23 have seen the Nifty 50 index companies register sales and PAT growth at 29% and 9% respectively. The RBI is likely to hike rates again the Dec'22 policy meet and in 2023 further monitor factors factors like growth inflation trade-offs, policy tightening by FED and geopolitical risks before hiking/cutting rates.

Read more on our team's analysis of this month's key narratives and their thoughts on what investors can expect.

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