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Khaleej Times: Lighthouse Canton aims to give 360-degree boost to startup ecosystem in the UAE

(Khaleej Times, 23 March 2022) The firm, which was incubated at DIFC in 2017, is committed to helping startups enhance performance by bringing capital, strategic insights, global relationships, and operational support.

India and the UAE signed the Comprehensive Economic Partnership Agreement (CEPA) on February 18 and as a corollary to that path-breaking trade pact, Khaleej Times organised the UAE-India Investment Forum on March 15 in Dubai.

Khaleej Times spoke with Prashant Tandon, Chief Executive Officer &Managing Director for Lighthouse Canton Capital (DIFC) to find out more on how Lighthouse Canton’s innovative investments are empowering the growth of the UAE-India relations.

Edited excerpts from the interview:

During the Forum we’ve heard much on how CEPA will boost bilateral trade from the current $60 (Dh220.38) billion to $100 (Dh367) billion in the next five years. Where do you see this growth coming from?

We see the recent CEPA signing as a very strategic move by the two governments. Over the last two years, the UAE has undergone many changes to enhance the utility of the bilateral corridor. With the signing of the CEPA, we expect increased two-way traffic. This includes Indian businesses setting up in the UAE to take advantage of the reforms and the UAE looking at India as the fastest growing large economy in the region and a hotbed of activity in the private equity and...

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