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Lifting The Anchors - Lighthouse Canton Global Outlook Report 2024

Lighthouse Canton Reflects on the Global Market Outlook for 2024 with an exclusive report - "Lifting the Anchors"

Investors are caught between two minds: value investors see an overvalued market, while recent gains fuel optimism. Despite forecasts of moderate growth, skepticism lingers due to data supporting a benign market outlook and expectations of aggressive rate cuts. Our stance: a conservative portfolio prioritizing fixed income and alternatives while underweighting equities. What could shift our view? Unexpected economic strength, less aggressive rate hikes, or positive market surprises. 

Download the full report to discover:

  • Lifting the Anchors: Navigating conflicting signals and uncovering future possibilities.
  • Model Portfolio: Examining our growth-focused multi-asset class strategy.
  • Four Pillars Model: Analyzing market across key areas: economy, rates & currencies, earnings, valuations, and market signals.
  • Long-Term Themes: Exploring debt overhangs and growth, AI and innovation, politics abd de-globalization.

Download the full report now!


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