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Lighthouse Canton Insights Podcast Episode 2: Diving into India's Private Market Landscape

In our second episode of the Lighthouse Canton Insights Podcast series, we dive into India’s private markets. Together with Sohil Chand, Founding Partner & Chief Investment Officer, LC Nueva Investment Partners, a veteran in India's venture capital landscape and former head of Norwest Venture Partners in India, and Sanket Sinha, an investor in private markets since 2011 who now heads the global asset management business at Lighthouse Canton. We begin by discussing the long term structural trend of India's VC market, the catalysts and factors bolstering this trend, how investors should be evaluating their investments under the current market conditions before exploring the roles that artificial intelligence and technology will increasingly play in the coming years in this emerging market.

This podcast was recorded on 14 March 2023 and was prepared based on the information available on the date of recording.

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