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Webinar 11 July 2023: India’s Mid-Cap Equities: Unlocking Long-Only Investment Potential, Featuring Samit Vartak

We are pleased to extend an invitation to you for an exclusive webinar on ‘Unlocking Investment Opportunities in India’s Mid-Cap Equities’ on 11th July 2023.

  • Asia & Middle East: 08:30 AST/ 09:30 GST/ 11:00 IST/ 13:30pm SGT/ 14:30 JST/KST/ 16:30 AEDT

India's robust GDP growth is driven by domestic consumption, government spending, and structural reforms. The country has maintained a stable inflation environment through effective monetary policies. In our view, prudent fiscal policies focused on supporting growth, improving tax compliance, boosting public investment, and promoting ease of doing business have proved to be key. The emphasis is placed on fiscal consolidation and reducing the fiscal deficit for macroeconomic stability. These factors reflect India's commitment to sustainable growth, fiscal discipline, and an investor-friendly environment, making it an attractive market with promising opportunities for investors.

Join us for an insightful discussion on sectoral trends and the future trajectory of the Indian markets. Discover the key industries that are driving India's growth and uncover potential investment opportunities. This engaging and informative webinar is not to be missed.

Samit Vartak
CIO & Founder
SageOne Investment Managers

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