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Webinar 24 March 2023: Emergence of Venture Debt as an Asset Class, Featuring Ankit Agrawal

We are pleased to extend an invitation to you to attend the Webinar on "The Emergence of Venture Debt as an Asset Class".

Ankit Agrawal, Director, Portfolio Manager for LC Venture Debt at Lighthouse Canton will speak alongside panellists from Trifecta Capital and InnoVen Capital to discuss the new rising asset class - Venture Debt.
This event is organized by Resurgent India.

Ankit Agrawal
Director, Portfolio Manager, LC Venture Debt Fund
Lighthouse Canton
Arijit Sarkar
Director, Credit
Trifecta Capital
Aditya Mathur
Associate Director
InnoVen Capital
Ashish Agrawal
(Moderator) Director
Resurgent India

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