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Lighthouse Canton launches the LC GenInnov Global Innovation Fund: Driving Wealth Through Global Innovation

Lighthouse Canton, a leading global investment institution, has announced the launch of its latest fund, the LC GenInnov Global Innovation Fund which seeks to invest in global innovators poised for growth in the generative artificial intelligence (Gen-AI) era.


Through the Fund, Lighthouse Canton seeks to capitalize on the rapid pace of innovation and the transformative power of innovation-driven market opportunities. Drawing parallels from the progress of the Internet, Lighthouse Canton sees unprecedented wealth creation in the downstream applications of Innovation across sectors such as Biotech and Healthcare, Robotics, Home Automation, Consumer Wearables, and Clean Tech, amongst other emerging themes.


The LC GenInnov Global Innovation Fund is designed as an absolute return Fund. It adopts an evidence-based strategy for investing in scalable and profitable companies, focusing on risk reduction through diversification across different geographies and sectors. The Fund employs a distinctive four-bucket investment approach, categorizing investments according to Innovation, Scalability, Market Expansion Potential, Profitability, and Valuation. By focusing on diversification, profitability, and valuation, it aims to strike a harmonious balance between innovative investments and financial stability.


The Fund’s investment team and advisory board is helmed by 30-year markets veteran and generative artificial intelligence expert– Nilesh Jasani. Mr Jasani joined Lighthouse Canton as an advisory board member late last year. Jasani has three decades of markets experience and is a subject matter expert on generative artificial intelligence (GenAI). He is the founder of GenAI-focused investment firm GenInnov Funds and previously led the Asian business of Jefferies before stepping down as vice chairman of the American investment bank. Before that, he also worked at Credit Suisse, HSBC and CLSA. Together with Lighthouse Canton, he has formed a team consisting of international fund managers, strategists, and management experts to launch the LC GenInnov Global Innovation Fund.

“The breakneck speed of AI innovation requires us to stay ahead of the curve and the LC GenInnov Global Innovation Fund reflects that commitment. Nilesh's leadership in Generative AI allows us to identify innovation led investment opportunities across sectors, capitalizing on disruptive advancements and leveraging AI’s transformative potential. We're extremely excited to be launching LC GenInnov Innovation Global Innovation fund to drive growth through innovation while delivering strong risk-adjusted returns, positive impact and stakeholder value in the GenAI era”, stated Mr. Shilpi Chowdhary, Group Chief Executive Officer, Lighthouse Canton.


“We are moving beyond the foundational elements of computing and large language models, to harness AI's true potential through its application in real-world scenarios. It's in the downstream use cases - beyond chatbots, image editing, and text formation - where we see the transformative power of AI coming to life. Our Fund is poised to capitalize on these advancements, aiming to surpass transient trends by investing in ground breaking innovations that promise enduring impact and value”, said Mr. Nilesh Jasani, Portfolio Manager, LC GenInnov Innovation Fund.


Given the rapid pace of disruption, the Fund follows an actively managed strategy. It invests predominantly in public equities and will also focus on investments beyond the technology sector, as Lighthouse Canton believes that the real beneficiaries of Gen-AI advancements will be found in application areas beyond the tech sector, rather than in the initial creation of AI technologies. It will also look to leverage private innovation investments, given the potential of the investments to catalyze network effects and drive sustained growth over multiple periods. It also departs from the 'Spray and Pray' approach to focus on identifying compounders based on fundamental investment principles, aligning with long-term growth themes such as innovation.


The Fund is available to Professional and Accredited investors seeking differentiated growth opportunities across all market cycles, focusing on capital preservation and attractive risk-adjusted returns. For more information, please visit


About Lighthouse Canton

Lighthouse Canton is a global investment institution offering wealth and asset management services. Led by an experienced senior management team, we work with clients across geographies from our Singapore, Dubai, and India offices. We provide our clients and investors with data-backed, well-researched investment guidance, aided by our robust institutional framework. No matter what a client's specific need, we bring the same diligence and care, working together to achieve sustainable goals.

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About LC GenInnov Global Innovation Fund

The LC GenInnov Global Innovation Fund* is a long-only global all-sector fund which seeks to invest in around 30 – 40 companies poised for growth in the GenAI era. Focusing on diversification, profitability, and valuation, the Fund seeks to balance innovative investments with financial stability, providing a strategic avenue for investors to leverage GenAI-driven market opportunities.

*The registered incorporated name of the Fund is GenInnov Funds Limited

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